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Who is Mikus Kins?

Mikus Kins personifies the saying by Ralph Waldo Emerson that goes like this: “Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality.” For those who know Mikus Kins beyond his robust professional history, they know this quote is a representation of his commitment. It defines his passion and exemplifies his abilities in every project that he touches. Constantly looking to broaden his horizon, Mikus has fully immersed himself in the business world attaining an extensive knowledge of domestic and international capital markets, banking and finance, and real estate. Currently, he serves as the Executive Vice President for RealtyMetrix, LLC.



After graduating Francis W. Parker private school in Chicago, Illinois, Mikus Kins continued his studies at Brown University. Though different from the Windy City, the suburban change became a fresh of breath air that eventually sparked his interest in a variety of ways. At Brown, he engaged himself in various groups such as crew and the business club. But it was ultimately his studies, a double major of international relations and history, which reinvigorated an opportunity for him to reflect on who he was and where he wanted to go in the future. Because of that, he decided to study abroad at the University of Latvia. With his family of Latvian descent, he knew this was a defining moment for him. Understanding the social, political, and economical issues from class and immersing himself at the University of Latvia, post-Soviet Union, Mikus was given a new perspective on life. He eventually made the decision to apply for citizenship and was granted dual citizenship before moving back to America.

When moving back to the United States, Mikus Kins knew he wanted to further his expertise and education with business and finance. Having done extensive research on Fishers College MBA program and having family in Columbus, Ohio, he decided to attend Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University double majoring in finance and investment management with a double minor in real estate and international business.


Work Experience

After graduating with his MBA, Mikus knew he wanted to invest his time, work, and effort into a job that drives and challenges him each and every day. At many times, he goes back to the infamous words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality.” This isn’t just mere inspirational words. Instead, it is was a motto and a representation to his commitment to his various projects. It defined his passion and exemplified his abilities to immerse himself in every project that he touches. After his experience with Fisher College of Business, he accepted an offer with La Salle Bank in Chicago. Over the years, he performed and excelled significantly with the company and eventually moved to London where he oversaw the Global Securities Solutions Division for Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. In this role, he was trusted in managing 250 employees in administrative services for both securitized and non-securitized products such as CLOs, CDOs, Commercial and Residential Mortgage, Backed Securities, and over $60 billion dollars in Total Return Swap portfolios. Some of the key strengths attributed to Mikus Kins’s success was selling solutions to clients through a consultative sales approach, providing on-going quality customer service, building long-term relationships with financial institutions, developers, investors, and various private sector industries, identifying targeted markets and developing strategic sales plans for product launches, skilled communication with a range of clients, proficiency with sourcing and cold calling new “C-Level” prospects, wearing “multiple hats” in terms of completing high level task, building strong relationships with coworkers and strategic global partners, and negotiating multifaceted contracts with higher level clientele.

During 2010, Mikus Kins left the international finance industry and returned back to the United States where he worked on various projects prior to joining RealtyMetrix. RMX Property is a research, consulting, commercial and residential real estate brokerage firm that provides comprehensive quantitative and qualitative market research utilizing proprietary technology. The firm is focused on providing the most timely and accurate data so that clients can make better decisions on property sales, acquisitions and leasing. RMX Property utilizes Big Data technology for conducting sophisticated quantitative analysis that was first developed for the hedge fund industry and is now applied to the commercial real estate market.

At RealtyMetrix, Mikus Kins assumed the role as Executive Vice President where he is responsible for helping his company achieve its financial goals and objectives and overall operating performances. Much of this entails attending budget meetings, creating business plans, and solving internal issues as they arise. With an already strong background in finance and management, he believed this was fantastic opportunity to showcase his leadership and financial knowledge beyond his already proliferated work experience. As an Executive Vice President, he tends to have a broad array of responsibilities ranging from communication with the board of directors to overall strategic planning for business development. While the job description and company maybe new to him, the challenge to excel and succeed will always be forever ingrained into his work ethics. For Mikus, he loves to go back to a quote coined by Henry David Thoreau where, “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” When things get hectic, he loves to reflect on that quote because he already understands that the firm foundation for his own personal and professional success will always be fostered by his ability and drive to always move forward.

Mikus Kins Outside of the Office

Outside of his career, Mikus Kins has a number of passions and interest, which he regularly engages in and pursues. Because of his previous rowing experience back in college, he is an avid outdoors enthusiast. He enjoys skiing, hiking, running, and of course rowing. When he is not exploring the wilderness, you can find him out at the theater, art gallery, or antique shows with his wife and close friends. Most days, especially evenings and weekends, he is simply a family man. Father to a six-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son, he sees his family and kids as his entire world. If he is not at the office, you can always be sure to find him at his home with his family or out volunteering at his children’s school.