11 Reasons Why You Should Join a Nonprofit Board: Part Two

Welcome back to, “11 Reasons Why You Should Join a Nonprofit Board!” In part two, we will discuss financial, professional, and personal reasons as to why you should join a nonprofit board.

5) You Will Learn How to Ask for Money
One of the core skills applied while being on a nonprofit board is learning how to ask for money. Most nonprofits are underfunded and can use all the help they can get. By learning how to ask for money from individual donors, as well as foundations, you would make yourself much more prepared to ask for money when you are involved in a for-profit venture.

6) Your LinkedIn and Resume Will Look Awesome
Your involvement on a board for a nonprofit can make your resume and LinkedIn look phenomenal. Future employers or investors in your company would see this experience and make it a high-ranking factor in getting you what you want.

7) You Will Understand Financial Statements Better
Because you would be reviewing financial statements for the organization, you would have a better understanding of accounting practices. This would help to round you out as an individual and business person. These skills would be valuable for current and future business goals.

8) Builds Your Personal Brand
This ties in with your excellent looking resume, but joining a nonprofit board would strengthen how others see you. The mission and vision of the organization you would become a board member of would suddenly become related to you and your mission. This can work in a tremendous amount of ways for your benefit now and in the future.

9) Make New Friends
Many people you meet in a volunteering situation are motivated, kind, and helpful. They are others-minded. This would make it much easier to make friends, as they would already be looking to connect with others on a deeper level.

10) Career Exploration
If you are interested in possibly working in a different field, volunteer work is the way to take your first steps. Volunteering as a part of a board allows you to gain experience in a new field that is totally at your disposal.

11) You’ll Feel Good for Contributing to the Local Community
By giving back to the community, you not only improve yourself as a person, but you are seriously helping others in a profound way. The people who are being served will appreciate your kindness greatly. Who knows; you may even gain an award or two for your good works!

Moving Forward from Here
If you are seriously interested in volunteering, here are tips from the Corporation for National and Community Service on how to become a volunteer.

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