The #1 Place to Visit in Latvia

Traveling internationally to Europe is so captivating, that well over 10.7 million Americans have traveled there in 2016 alone. With America’s origins stemming from Europe, it is always fun to trek back and see where our roots are from. On my list, Latvia ranks as the number one place to visit. I believe this so much so that I have a dual-citizenship there.

Riga, the capital of Latvia, was named the European Capital of Culture in 2014. It is known for having a downtown that is booming with entertainment and architecture. Out of all of Europe, Riga is known to have the greatest amount of art nouveau buildings. It gained considerable prominence in the economic industry in the 19th century, after war and fire ceased to collapse most of its earliest buildings. Latvia is also known as being apart of the Hanseatic League, an alliance of trade cities in the Baltic Region. With such a rich history and beautiful sights, there are plenty of things for people to do while visiting, such as the following:

  • Enjoy the nightlife and clubbing in Old Town
  • Perch on top of St. Peter’s Church, rising a notable 235+ ft. high, to see enticing views of the city
  • Visit Rozena Street, which is known as the littlest street in all of Latvia
  • Purchase souvenirs from the shops and craftsman houses on Skarnu Street to bring back treasures to loved ones and remember your trip forever
  • Tour one of the numerous art and history museums throughout the city
  • Eat at the many delicious restaurants in the city

Riga has even more for history buffs. Bishop Albert founded Riga in 1201, becoming an established city by 1225. The city has cultural and spiritual roots with Germany and Christianity, even though many inhabitants found their stay on the Daugava River. The city, over the years, has developed into a city of industry, trade, and transportation. The city was formerly under Russian, Polish, and Swedish domains before becoming more of a Germanic city. In recent times, Latvians themselves have played more active roles in the city. In present day, most of the buildings are cultural heritage landmarks. Riga is a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and it has the European Heritage Label.

Riga is a fabulous city to visit, one of the best in all of Europe. Consider visiting this city to have a great time and see attractive views.