Why we Value Art

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When walking into a museum, you are not just simply walking into a building to look at paintings and cultural archives. Instead, you are walking into a creative and unique realm of new ideas, new concepts, and new ideologies that have represented and shaped the overall foundation of history. Unlike other places, museums are able to capture the reality and authenticity within a particular moment in time. The objects presented are not just intriguing, but characteristic and descriptive of the lives, cultures, and dreams for generations to come. Because of this, it is absolutely imperative that we understand the value and importance that art brings to our lives.


First and foremost, art is essentially open to everyone. Regardless of your class, gender, race, or religion, museums are opened to the entire general public. Their job is not to judge. Instead, their goal is to professionally represent an educational and informative platform for any guest and visitors enjoy and experience.


In addition to the access and freedom that museums give you, the artifacts, paintings, and cultural representations themselves hold a direct value and portrayal to the world of the past. Their multi-layered history highlights not just the time and place that said-piece was created, but also the attitude, emotion, and philosophy that continue to establish and foster an entire culture and generation. Especially for many notorious paintings and art works, the work itself forces their viewers to internalize and connect with the mindset of the artist and their theme on a deeper level. These types of great works look to speak openly to their audience. Even if the piece is made to confuse or perplex you, the emotional reaction and thought process you have is the true essence of great art. It forces you to go beyond your traditional thinking and delve into something that much greater.


Now, beyond the interactive emotional appeal that these pieces have for us, we also have to understand what art can do for your youth. For our future leaders of tomorrow, our job is to raise them to be open minded and cultured to every nook and cranny of the world. With museums, they provide an excellent platform for children to learn and engage with history. Many times, we get lost at just putting our children in front of the television or computer to settle down their energy. But with art, you can inspire an even more interactive environment where they can learn about different times, cultures, and people. In addition, they can even learn more about themselves such as their heritage and their own culture.


As we can see, art is more than just the work. It is a proclamation to our knowledge and emotions of life. This type of lure is something to be valued and respected each and everyday. So, if you find yourself with extra leisure time, try and do a quick trip to your local museum. It maybe just want you need to inspire the passion and drive you need within your life.