You Will Fall in Love with These 3 Full-Time Travel Bloggers Who are Just Like You and Me

Deb, Dave, and Matt started out working regular, full-time jobs. They paid their taxes, lived in some form of apartment or home, and went out every so often. After a while, these three found that they were not satisfied with the lives they were leading. They hungered and thirsted for something more. Their bank accounts were running low, but they knew something needed to change. In 2008 for Dave and Deb and 2010 for Matt, these three took the leap and truly began adventures of a lifetime. They earnestly followed their hearts’ callings. This is where their travel blogs come into play.

The Planet D
This travel blog is about a couple, Dave and Deb, who, after deciding to sign up for the longest bike trip in the world, the Tour d’Afrique, decided that they would be the “average couple” who gave up many of their earthly possessions to travel the world. Since then, they have never looked back.

This couple is exploding with life, warmth, positivity, happiness, and gratitude. They have been to over 100 plus countries across all seven continents. They find themselves to be so incredibly fortunate to be able to have extremely little possessions, selling all they have in storage, to simply travel the world and live off of the clothes on their backs.

What got them started with was after two years of diligently saving for traveling adventures and then traveling to 40 plus countries. This is when they launched the blog. Their extensive experience garnered them a fantastic following that continues to grow to this day. They want to be the “every man’s man” who was able to follow their dreams. They want the world to know that if they can do it, anyone can.

Explore their website and find out where this sweet, sweet couple is going next!

Expert Vagabond
Matthew Karsten, a travel blogger and photographer, travels the world for a living, sharing 24/7 inspiration for the average person looking for adventures and traveling advice. Matt, as he presents himself in the blog, challenges the average person’s thoughts about travel:

  • “Travel doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • “Adventure is worthwhile.
  • “The world isn’t as dangerous as you think.”

What Matt hopes to do through his blog is teach people lessons he’s learned the hard way, simply make someone happy, get people to be creative, and challenge people to see the world differently.

Matt took a year to save up money before traveling full-time. He did everything in his power to save every penny. In 2010 is when the pedal hit the metal. He sold most of his worldly possessions, bought a bike, and bought a one way ticket to Guatemala. His family thought he was crazy, but he knew in his heart that this is what he had to do. Matt has been traveling worldwide ever since and has some pretty crazy stories to show for it.

Take a gander at his website and explore the world through his eyes!

These bloggers didn’t always know they would be full-time world travelers, but once their hearts were set on it, they knew they had to follow. Let this be an encouragement to you to not discourage your desire to travel and experience the world. You only have one life to live, and it is time you start saving up to make traveling a deep-seated part of your life!