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The History of Museums

From the first childhood visit to a museum with parents or classmates, we see items from faraway lands and times that make our human history real and immediate. More than 850 million people visit museums annually, so let’s take a look at the history of museums. Mesopotamia of 530 B.C. contained the first recorded museum, that of Ennigaldi-Nanna. A building… Read more →

Top Museums to See: Chapter 2, International

Thomas Campbell, the president of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, once said that, ‚ÄúNothing replaces the authenticity of the object presented with passionate scholarship. Bringing people face-to-face with our objects is a way of bringing them face-to-face with people across time, across space, whose lives may have been different from our own but who, like us, have hopes and dreams,… Read more →