Why Should You Attend Brown University


As a father of two beautiful children and proud alum from Brown University, I cannot help but reflect on my experiences that Brown has offered me during my time as an undergraduate. For many parents and high school seniors, the question of where you are going for college becomes a stressful, taxing, and long winded discussion. For those who have the opportunity and are looking for an institution that will best prepare you in the future, I seriously consider you take into consideration Brown as an option for your future.


Speaking proudly about the institution’s history, Brown University is a private college with a robust academics and longstanding rich past. Founded in 1764 as, The College in the English Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation, Brown is the seventh-oldest institution of higher education in the United States, one of the nine Colonial Colleges established before the American Revolution, and one of the eight Ivy League universities in the Northeastern United States. Now, what separates Brown from the other Ivies like Yale and Harvard is simply the ambiance of the overall university? At Brown, the staff and administration seems to cultivate an atmosphere more conducive to intellectual curiosity than cutthroat competition. As minimal as this may seem, this type of atmosphere can be incredibly impactful in your mental and professional success for your future.


So besides atmosphere, what makes Brown so great?


Let’s begin with the academics. At Brown, they what is called an open curriculum. This means that students have the freedom to shape their academic experiences and engaged in the intellectual curiosities without any constraints. At other institutions, many students are succumbed to taking classes because they have to. At Brown, the academic stimulation and ‘want’ with taking classes is an environment in which you can thrive and grow. Furthermore, Brown University offers highly ranked programs such as English, History, and the highly rank pre-med program.


In addition to its rich academics, the students are incredibly tolerant and open-minded intellectuals. At the university, people enjoy themselves inside and outside of the classroom.  In fact, US News has ranked about 98% freshman retention rate, meaning more a vast majority of the students want to stay and continue their studies at the university. This type of healthy work-life balance is something to take into consideration when picking a university. As much as you want to find a place that will shape you professionally, you also want to find a university that will give you the social as well as academic balance that will allow you to grow in the best possible way.


Furthermore, with over 400 registered student organizations on campus, Brown University seeks to involve its students in a rich array of diverse activities. Whether you are into sports, performance groups, academic organizations, social, political, cultural, or religious factions, Brown will find something for you. During my time at Brown, I was highly encouraged to join the crew team.  Though I am over six feet tall, I never would have had found the passion and appreciation for being on the water if I did not take the chance in college.


Now the final thing to consider when looking at a university is the location of the institution.  Geographically, Brown is in a wonderful location. The campus is representative of its Ivy colonial heritage and has a sense of welcoming and belonging. Outside of the bubble, Providence, Rhode Island has much to offer with little various shops, eateries, and places to explore. But if you decide to go outside of the city, the university is next to a train station that links to all of the big cities such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.